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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

 Rapid Weight Loss Diets

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    Do a juice cleanse. This method is also known as the Hollywood diet.[1]. There are many different kinds of juice cleanses out there. However, the main concept is to only consume juices made from raw fruits and vegetables. The cleanse will remove toxins from your system, helping you lose weight while also making you feel more alert and healthy.[2]
    • Most juice cleanses last for one to three days, though some will go up to seven days at a time. You can either buy a cleansing package from a health store or company online, or you can buy your own juicer.[3]
    • Be sure you incorporate plenty of vegetables into your juicing routine. Fruit juice contains a lot of sugar, and drinking a lot of it will cause you to gain weight instead of losing it.
    • Some of the most popular cleanse brands include Cooler Cleanse, BluePrint, and Life Juice.4]
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    Consider the Master Cleanse. The master cleanse is a liquid-only diet that consists of a “lemonade” (lemon, cayenne pepper powder, maple syrup, and water), a salt-water drink, and herbal laxatives. The diet lasts for 16 days—three days of easing into the diet by only eating raw fruits and veggies, 10 days of the liquid only diet, and three more days easing back into solid foods.[5]
    • Be aware that this diet should only be done for very short-term weight loss and is supposed to function as a detoxifying cleanse rather than a strict weight-loss routine.

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    Try the water diet. This diet involves drinking a daily total of about 64 fluid ounces (8 cups) of cold water, at regular intervals throughout the day. Drink a glass of water before each meal to suppress your appetite. Doing this will help you get into the habit of limiting the portions of food you consume during each meal. By drinking water, you will feel full before a meal, thus helping you consume less calories.
    • Keep in mind that this is not a water only diet. Water-only diets can actually be quite dangerous if done for too long a period of time. Your body needs nutrients to stay healthy and maintain a strong metabolism. If you drink only water for more than a couple of days, when you start eating again you run the risk of gaining even more weight because your metabolism will have slowed tremendously.[6]
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    Try the fasting diet. The idea behind this diet is that our bodies were built to go through both times of feasting and times of famine--as such, we should occasionally recreate the ‘famine’ part. This diet requires that for two days each week, you should only eat 500 (if you’re a woman) or 600 (if you’re a man) calories. On those fasting days, dieters should stick to eating only vegetables, seeds, legumes, and some fruit.[7]
    • This diet requires that you continue your exercise regimen on fasting days as well as on regular days.
    • Ease into it by fasting for 1/2 day and seeing how you feel before you commit to longer-term fasting.
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    Consider the HCG diet. This is a highly controversial diet that combines injections or supplements of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) with a severely restricted calorie intake.The calorie restriction alone (only 500 to 800 calories per day) is enough to promote weight loss in most people; it is significantly under the recommended daily calorie allowance, even for people attempting to lose weight. People give themselves doses of HCG via injections or in drop form.[8]
    • Many studies have been done on the value of HCG, with the results being shaky at best. While some people swear that they lost 25 pounds during the HCG diet, many scientists say there is absolutely no value in injecting yourself with HCG and that it can in fact be dangerous to do so.
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