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Saturday, November 15, 2014

How to Fall Asleep
The following symptoms are a sign that you need to seek your doctor's advice: your insomnia is stretching out over a period of months; you constantly feel tired during the daytime, rarely refreshed; pain or a need to visit the toilet are regularly waking you up; your relationships with other people are suffering because you're feeling tired, irritable, and snap easily; you're taking prescription drugs and have noticed the sleep problems since starting them. Know when to see a doctor.
Instead of lying there worrying, write in your journal and leave the thoughts for dealing with during daytime.[16] Use a book light to avoid disturbing others and to avoid putting on too much light.
Take deep breaths and just relax, think of some place you have been that have made you calm, distract yourself, don't worry about if you are going to sleep, that will keep you awake.
WebMD suggests it may just be that the routine of drinking a glass of warm milk is like an old teddy bear that reminds you of home when your mom tucked you into bed at night.
Read to this type of music and when your reading makes no sense, drop the book and keep on listening to your recordings; you'll soon fall asleep.
Stress, anxiety, or depression can all affect your sleeping patterns.If it's bad enough that you're losing sleep on a regular basis, contact your primary care physician

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