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Sunday, October 12, 2014

1. Show your friend/family member that you love and care for their health and only want the best for 
them. Make sure they're clear on that too
2 .Ask your friend/family member what is the point of smoking anyway, make sure their answers aren't "I don't know" or "who cares", make sure they give you a straight answer. Don't let them get by you.

3 .After you tell them that, tell them the effects of smoking, tell them it's a life threatening drug that can be very harmful to their body if they continue it. Let them know that they can receive emphysema, lung cancer, or they can give others second-hand smoke, or that it could be offensive to others. Although, most know all of that and don't quit, so don't push this too hard. It won't cut through.
4 .Tell them how it affects you. Do you get picked on at school? Is it affecting your health? Do you find it revolting? Mention anything relevant.
5 .Give them time. Don't take too long, though. At most, 3 days. At least 1 day.
6 .Ask them about their decision and see if there are any changes in behavior after they haven't smoked at least 3 cigarettes in the regular time they have one. It might be a good thing to observe how long they take to have one after another after another and so on.
7 .If they slow down without any changes in behavior, encourage them to slow down even more, and have one here and there. Also praise them with good behavior and say "good job" or "keep on going".

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