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Monday, October 20, 2014

 There are 6 Steps to choose a life partner

  •  Full clarity and thus complete openness with the other
  •  Look for real Specifications in your life partner
  •  Don't look for his shape or her shape
  •  Discover your life partner from real situations
  •  build your life with your two hands not with one hand
  •   Arbitration mind and not emotion

 There are 5 Measures of marital choice

A) internal

  •  You must find exchanged sympathy and psychological attraction
  •  You must find a minimum of proportionality in habits
  •  You must find consensus on fundamental ethical values​​
  •  You must find consensus on common goals in life
  •  You must find a spiritual compatibility
  • B) external
  •  proportionality in
  •  lifetime
  •  physical characteristics
  •  social level
  •  cultural and educational level
  •  financial resources to complete the marriage

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