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Thursday, October 16, 2014


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If you think that you may have diabetes, then you may be wondering what symptoms accompany the disease, and whether or not yours match them. Before you look at the symptoms, however, you must be aware that there are two types of diabetes – type one and type two, and although the symptoms are similar for both, there are a couple of diabetes symptoms that you may find only happen with either one or the other.
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    With type one diabetes, the main symptoms that you may find yourself complaining about are having a dry mouth and being really thirsty all of the time. This increase in thirst will lead to more frequent urges to go to the toilet and can also lead to a dramatic loss of weight. Some sufferers of type one diabetes will find that they feel very weak for most of the day and have no energy to do very much at all. It can make life rather impossible, and this fatigue may even be joined by occasional blurred vision and these are also some of the symptoms associated with other kind of diabetes – type two diabetes.

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    As well as blurred vision, increased fatigue and lethargy, dry mouth and excessive thirst, sufferers of this type of diabetes will find that when they injure themselves with a cut or a grazed, the wound takes much longer to heal than usual. This type two diabetes may also be accompanied by infections of the skin and any wounds that are not healing and also more frequent yeast infections. These symptoms apply to both male and female sufferers of diabetes.
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    Both types of diabetes have similar symptoms and if you notice these changes within your body, you should visit the Doctor immediately. It is all very good and well checking out your symptoms of diabetes on the internet, but this does not make for a proper and correct diagnosis, and this can only be completed by your doctor or other medical professional. The diagnosis will normally conclude a series of tests and it is only after a diagnosis that you can receive the right treatment for your diabetes, without treatment, you may find that life can become rather difficult.
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    If you should experience any of these changes in your body, you must be aware that they could be due to a number of medical reasons and the answer to them may not always be diabetes. These symptoms can occur over a long period of time gradually, or rather quickly dependent on age usually. The treatment can help to dim the feelings of lethargy and increased weakness and you will find that it is much easier to live your usual day to day life.

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