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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Positive thinking is making a conscious effort to think with an optimistic attitude and anticipate positive outcomes. When you think and behave positively, you guide your mind toward your goals and generate matching mental and physical energy..
Negative thinking causes the brain to stimulate matching negative chemical and physical responses, such as increased blood pressure, reduced mental alertness, increased anxiety, decreased physical energy, and flight r fight reactions and responses.
These responses decrease energy, creativity, and performance and simultaneously erode self confidence
Positive thinking and behavior are often main factors in landing a top job your first job, a promotion.
Unconscious mind is supporting your thoughts and behaviors by making matching psychological responses . Research has proved that positive thinking and behavior have a powerful impact on personal performance, confidence and even health
Positive thinking causes the brain to generate matching, positive chemical and physical responses, such as increased mental alertness and physical energy, improved respiration and circulation, and increased beneficial endorphins. Thinkingpositively actually increases your ability to perform and project ardor, energy, competence, and confidence – the qualities interviewers look for when they hire and promote candidates.
Follow these steps to form the custom of positive thinking to increase your success.
1) Practice this positive expectation mind-set until it becomes a custom.
Applicants who project ardor and positive behavior generate a positive chemistry that rubs off. The custom will help you reach your peak potential
2) Project energy and ardor
Employers hire people who project positive energy and ardor. Develop the custom of speaking, moving and acting with these qualities.
3) Motivate yourself every day
Think of yourself as successful, and expect positive outcomes for everything you attempt.
4) Dwell on past successes
Focus on past successes to remind yourself of your abilities will help you to achieve your goals.
It is not good to yourself or your future if you dwell on past events .Focus on the future and you will get there. Remember that everyday is a new life to a wise man so be this one.
It's a shame that this bright side of positive thinking has become so tempting to so many people -- they fail to see the limitations that often surface when you're exclusively seeing only the good aspects of everything.

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