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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

To have the power of positive thinking, you should probably start small- particularly if you don’t believe it will work. It’s one thing to tell yourself, Tomorrow, when I wake up in the morning I won’t hit snooze a dozen times and feel drowsy for the rest of the day,” and quite another to tell yourself, Tomorrow, when I wake up in the morning I’ll be living independently wealthy and living in a mansion. of course, you are in fact independently wealthy and living in a mansion at the moment .
So to Be professional which is absolutely necessary. This mean you should have the willingness to cooperate rather than retort. Making adjustments is they way to harmony. You could put this message across by smiling at others, being polite in interaction and responding in a considerate manner. This would make you appear like you are willing to cooperate.
The process of making positive thinking work for you begins with destruction in your thought structure. In order to make room for new methods and ideas, you must first tear out all the old negativity sample you’ve been building throughout your life. For some, this can be a great  process as you witness positive thinking work for you, one small step at a time, you will slowly clear out those good-things-only-happen-to-other-people thoughts, and be able to grow the seeds of change.
Sometimes we can make ourselves feel worse in a job we don’t like as we fell how much we hate the work, our boss, our colleagues. Make the decision that for the remainder of the time you are in the job you will make the effort to be 100 % positive. Smile as you walk into the office and say hello to everybody. Make a list of all the positive things your job brings you money. Look at any problems as challenges which you will learn from. If you have a specific problem at work . Don’t waste any energy or partaking in negative snitch.but being positive will make you feel better and you will have more energy .

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