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Thursday, October 9, 2014

How to deal with angry wife? think and think 
Now if you both were to have an argument one night, she would have a tanto (prolonged inner anger and turmoil). That verily is the link between the argument the night before and her current state of continued sulking.

Why does she continue sulking? If you get angry, she will know that you have become weak, but if you don't get angry, then she will try harder.

If, despite her continued arguing, the husband does not get angry, then she will go into the kitchen and throw a few utensils around to make noise… Bang…bang!! Then he will get angry! Women on the other hand will keep reminding you of what you said the day of the fight. When you hurt a woman, she will keep it in a special place in her heart, so never hurt her. You must be very cautious in this matter.

Whenever you hurt a woman through your words, you are inviting a liability for your future. She will tolerate you for the time being because you are stronger than her, but later when you are weak and all your joints are creaking, she will take her revenge, so watch out. Otherwise you will create grave difficulties."

By their true nature, our women are like goddesses. She has the to go into an explosive rage if instigated or hurt excessively. Hence, the saying, "It is easy to play with and please a woman, but when she gets angry, she is a terror." When she gets angry she is like a lioness. If you keep harassing the poor woman, where will she go? That is why she gets angry. Her response of anger varies in intensity, from mild to extreme.

When a woman is in an explosive rage, your intellect will not help you. If at any time she says the wrong things, remember that she is a woman and let it go.

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